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Ferrous and Non Ferrous castings

ISO 9001 Ferrous and Non Ferrous Castings
Whiteheart Malleable, Grey Iron and Spheroidal Graphite

As a specialist in Whiteheart Malleable, Grey Iron and Spheroidal Graphite our priority is to provide customers with the right castings solution at the right time and place ! We have an enviable market reputation for providing ferrous and non ferrous casting solutions to customers’ technical enquiries through our friendly, caring personnel.

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  2. Pattern Making
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Sand Castings

Green and chemically bonded sand in
a variety of metal sizes and technical specifications

We Create Accurate Patterns for your Castings

We maintain them so that you are able to receive consistent delivery
from one run to another.

Complete Casting Solutions

Our range of machining options includes:
Grinding, Turning, Drilling, Milling

Quality Cast Finishing

Working with Specialists
Shot blasting, Painting, Heat treatments, Cold Calibration, Plating

Test Bar Certificates

We use an independant laboratory to produce test bar certificates.
Our guarantee we can meet your specifications

Experienced Foundry

For nearly 50 years our castings have been supplied small business and major household names
and used within a broad spectrum of industries.

Speciality Castings

Our traditional methods and attention to detail means we are often the first choice for customers
looking for authentic castings used in display.

ISO 9001 Qualified

We have maintained our ISO Accreditation for over 15 years
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ISO 9001 castings supplier
tel. 01902 603898
fax: 01902 366046
Providence Works,Chapel Green,Willenhall
West Midlands, WV13 1QY

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